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If you have decided to eat Keto then you know it can be difficult at times. There is an endless supply of books, blogs, and podcasts to wade through. You have to decide what products are the most beneficial and which brands are worth the money. That is why I have created this page, to help you make these decisions. I hope you find these Keto resources helpful!

Favorite Subscription Services

  • ButcherBox – excellent source for quality, grass-fed meats that utilizes a subscription service and delivers right to your door!
  • Kettle & Fire Bone Broth – the best grass-fed bone broth on the internet. You can order when needed, create a monthly subscription, or you even find it in Whole Foods.

Must-Have Products

Keto Treats

Keto Books

I wouldn’t say these are “must-read” books, but if you are looking to dive a little deeper or get a little extra help then here are my recommendations.
The Keto Reset Diet, by Mark Sisson & Brad Kearns – excellent book for those starting into the Keto diet. The author helps you adjust before going full-keto.
Rich Food, Poor Food, by Jayson & Mira Calton – an excellent guide to grocery shopping and knowing which foods and products to buy.
Wheat Belly, by William Davis – a fantastic explanation of the dangers of wheat.

Keto Recipes

  • My Recipes – my goal is to regularly update you with new recipes that my family (mainly my wife) come up with. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up-to-date on all of these delicious recipes.
  • KetoConnect – Matt and Megha are a go-to place for Keto recipes. Make sure and check them out.
  • Keto Comfort Foods, by Maria Emmerich – this cookbook is amazing!
    My Favorite Podcasts

Keto Podcasts