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Keto Shopping List

When you are following the ketogenic diet, it can be overwhelming to know what to buy. Let me help you by sharing some of my favorites and staples through this keto shopping list. All of the links included on this page will take you straight to the Amazon product page for easy ordering. I’ve found that Amazon is an excellent source for keeping my pantry stocked with keto products. Not a Prime Member? Get a FREE 30-day trial here!


Oils are excellent for adding fat to your diet along with a host of other health benefits. Make sure to look for organic, Non-GMO oils.


While you shouldn’t need to snack much once you are fat-adapted, every now and then you will need something quick to hold you over. You want something high in fat, quick, and healthy. Here are a few of my favorites.



Dressings and Sauces

If you’re like me, you’ve become frustrated looking for dressings and sauces in your local grocery. They all contain refined oils and sugar. These are my favorite dressings that are made with an avocado oil base and without sugar.

Kitchen Essentials

No list would be complete without some of the essential kitchen products. When you are eating keto, you are eating more real food. This means more prep so the proper appliances are critical.

  • A good blender is essential
    • We use and love the Ninja Auto-IQ Blender (this one comes with smaller cups that are great for making smoothies/kale shakes)
    • Then there is always the gold standard of blenders, Vitamix E310


  • For smaller jobs, like a quick smoothie or bulletproof coffee, we love our NutriBullet
  • A food processor is a must for a lot of recipes, we tried just using a blender but the food processor makes it much easier.
  • If you plan on baking, you will definitely want to get a good mixer.



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