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Fight Inflammation Naturally with Turmeric

When you rid your diet of processed foods and focus on whole, real foods—the need for supplementation is often very limited. However, there are some added supplemental foods that are…

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natural remedies for common cold

Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

This week I have been battling a common head cold, something I usually get only once or twice a year. I have been dodging illness for several weeks now, but…

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polyunsaturated fats

The Truth about Polyunsaturated Fats

Polyunsaturated fats are commonly misunderstood, but these healthy fats are very important to your diet. Some fats are obvious that they should be avoided, but there is so much mixed…

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Insulin Resistance

5 Steps to Reverse Insulin Resistance

Are you struggling with excess body fat? Is your gut finally at the point that you can’t stand it anymore? In this article I want to share with you one…

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Why You Need Keto

You’ve heard about keto, fasting, and losing weight. You’ve probably even thought it might be good to try. So why haven’t you started? Maybe you’re not really sure why you…

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Factors Affecting Health

5 Factors Affecting Your Health

Today I’m writing about health factors that you may have never considered. We all know that food and exercise affect our health. What we miss are some of the other…

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What Does Health Mean to You?

My passion with this site and Origins Health Coaching is health. Changing my eating habits enabled me to gain my health back. I certainly don’t believe I’m as healthy as…

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Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet: What is it and is it safe?

For the past week, I have experimented with the carnivore diet. The carnivore diet is exactly as it sounds, a diet in which you only eat animal products…primarily meat. This…

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Keto Health Coaching

Keto Health Coaching

Today I am introducing you to our new brand: Origins Health Coaching. It has been on my heart and mind for some time now to begin something that would allow…

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Eat Keto

Why I Eat Keto

This past week I have been watching an incredible documentary series about the ketogenic diet titled The Real Skinny on Fat. Yesterday my wife and I had an incredible conversation…

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