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Keto Christmas Gift Guide

keto christmas

Can you believe that it is December already? It is amazing how quickly the year passes. Just a couple weeks ago we were celebrating Halloween, now there are trees, lights, and Santa’s everywhere!

Speaking of Christmas, is there someone on your list that is keto? Whether new to keto, struggling to succeed, or a pro–a keto-friendly Christmas gift may be just what they need.

I want to provide a few great options or things to consider for someone on your Christmas list that may be keto. Please note that some of the links here are affiliate links meaning that we make a small commission when you buy. This is one way you can support us and our ability to continue to serve you in your health and wellness pursuits.

If you know someone else who could benefit from these ideas, please don’t forget to share! Enough of this…let’s get to the good stuff!!

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Kitchen Essentials

For that extra special someone…you know that one you are willing to spend the entire budget on…we have some must-have kitchen appliances.

The KitchenAid Mixer is a necessity for anyone who loves to bake. Even if they don’t love to bake but find it necessary, this mixer will make the job much easier. Plus, with a seemingly endless array of attachments, you are able to do much more than just mixing. 

A good blender is another important addition to any keto kitchen. The best of the best is the Vitamix, but we also love our Ninja.

The Instant Pot is a hot gift item this Christmas and is certainly an excellent gift for any keto dieters on your list. Check out the instant pot cookbook options as well!

One other important kitchen gadget is a food processor. Once we finally purchased one of these, we were amazed we ever lived without it!

For Coffee Lovers

For the coffee lover on your list, there are a couple of gifts worth considering. The Ninja Coffee Bar is the best coffee maker I have ever used. You also can’t beat the NutriBullet or MagicBullet for that Bulletproof coffee lover!

Other coffee essentials:

Consider buying coffee or a coffee subscription:

Other Kitchen Gadgets

Keto Food Gift Options

You might find it helpful to provide some assistance in stocking a keto pantry. Whether just to give some options or help someone stay on track, below are a few great gift ideas.

Keto Books and Cookbooks

Know someone who loves to read and digest as much information as possible? Here are a few books that are excellent introductions to keto!

Of course anyone eating keto would love a new cookbook! These are some great options.

I have noticed that the Instant Pot is hot this year. How about some keto instant pot cookbooks?