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5 Steps for Maintaining Keto Through the Holidays

keto through the holidays

The holidays are the hardest time to maintain healthy eating. Think about it—you show up for work to cookies and donuts, co-workers bring all sorts of unhealthy foods for a department lunch, and your kids want to make Christmas cookies. Then you have holiday parties filled with fried foods, sauces, and desserts aplenty.

What are you to do? How are you supposed to have enough will-power to make it through the holiday season?

You could always save up your vacation time for the month of December. Becoming a December hermit in your office might seem like a rational solution. Instead, I’m going to offer 5 steps for maintaining keto during the holidays.

Step 1: Stay Away from the Temptation

I understand that this may be a difficult step at times. In fact, you may not always have an option. However, as much as possible, stay away from the tempting foods.

When treats and unhealthy foods find their way into your office, stay away. When attending that Christmas party, congregate in an area away from the food tables.

Wherever possible keep yourself from the foods that you will be tempted to eat. After all, you won’t eat them if you don’t see them!

Step 2: Make Your Own Treats

Christmas is a time for cookies, fudge, peppermint bark, and all sorts of sweet treats. Don’t think that you have to deny yourself of all treats during the holidays.

Make your own keto treats and always keep some on hand at home and work. When a craving or temptation occurs, reach for one of your treats and satisfy that urge for something sweet.

With a quick search of the web you are sure to find all sorts of keto Christmas cookies, pies, fudge, and fat bombs. You can enjoy a sweet holiday treat without the processed flour and sugar.

Step 3: Maintain a Diet of Real Food

Stay on track with your keto diet with real food and you shouldn’t have a problem with cravings. When your body is getting all of the appropriate nutrients, it doesn’t want anything else.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “the best defense is a good offense.” Well, that is sort of what I’m advocating here. Defense against holiday cravings starts with the “offense.” Eat real, nutrient-dense foods while staying away from processed foods and sugars. Give your body what it wants and it won’t need to search for anything else.

Step 4: Recall Your Successes

Keep some success pictures readily available on your phone and review them often. Look back over your journal where you recorded weight loss and reduction in inches. Do this often.

When you recall your success and remember how great you feel, you won’t want to jeapordize it for one little treat. Will power is much easier when you remember how far you have come.

Past success is a powerful motivator for continued success. This holiday season doesn’t have to be like all of those before. Think about how great it will be to hear all those family and friends commenting about how great you look!

Step 5: Recognize the Consequences

When all else fails, sometimes you just need to face the consequences. When you recognize that a cookie or other holiday treat could kick you out of fat burning mode for 24-48 hours, you might walk right by.

You’ve worked too hard to get where you are. Your body is fat-adapted and loves it. Don’t take a couple of steps back just because it is the holidays. Recognize the consequences before you indulge.

This rule also applies if you are planning to “cheat.” Recognize these consequences and then be intentional about what you eat. Have a reason and don’t go overboard.

This holiday season can and should be different for you. You are eating keto and burning fat. Don’t fall into the holiday trap and eat whatever you desire just because it is the holiday season.

Commit to your new lifestyle and apply the steps above to maintain keto during the holidays. You can do it!

Which step above do you most need to apply this holiday season?