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Keto Meal Plan for the Week

keto meal plan

I am currently working on a meal plan for this week for my family and decided that I would share it with you as well. One of the major reasons people fail to eat healthy, especially with keto, is a lack of planning. I’ve always loved the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” I believe it is especially applicable to keto. So, let me help you plan for the week!

We are leaving for vacation on Saturday morning so we need simple meals that won’t leave a lot in our refrigerator at the end of the week. If this is too simple for you then feel free to exchange one of the meals on my list for something else, but don’t just say you’ll figure it out later. That is planning to fail!

I am primarily going to provide lunch and dinner options. For breakfast, when you eat it, make it simple. Eat some eggs, bacon, and avocado. You could make a simple chia seed pudding (one of our favorites), or prep some keto pancakes. Breakfast is simple enough, and a meal that I usually skip, so I don’t always plan that ahead of time.


For lunch I am going to prepare my keto power bowl this weekend and put it in some containers so I can take it to work and reheat when I’m ready to eat. This will be enough for two meals for both my wife and me for the week.

keto power bowl

Dinner needs to be easy on Monday evenings as my daughter has ballet. A favorite for us is adding a beef roast to the crockpot with some bone broth and letting it cook all day. My wife will make some mashed cauliflower ahead of time and then cook some broccoli right before dinner.


Lunch is a salad and some nuts. This is one way to ensure I am getting plenty of greens during the day and the nuts add some extra fat to help with hunger.

Dinner will be spaghetti with zoodles. If you haven’t had zoodles then get ready for a treat, especially if you thought spaghetti was off the table for good! Zoodles are spiralized zucchini that act as noodles for your meat sauce. For simplicity, we like to buy a good organic, sugar-free marinara sauce and add it to ground beef with our favorite seasonings. I encourage you to invest in a vegetable spiralizer if you don’t already have one, don’t worry, they aren’t very expensive.


For lunch I will go back to my pre-made keto power bowl.

Dinner will be a Vogel family favorite…Keto Taco salad. This meal is a staple in our home and is super easy to prepare. Check out the recipe here.

keto taco salad


Lunch is leftover taco salad or Spaghetti, so make sure to prepare plenty the night before.

Dinner is grilled chicken legs with brussel sprouts and baked sweet potato. Chicken legs are a great keto option as they are inexpensive and higher in fat than chicken breasts. My wife places them in a container with a salt brine for a few hours before grilling them. Then she turns them often on the grill to produce a nice, brown, crispy skin. If you are concerned with too many carbs, you may want to skip the sweet potato and substitute for a small side salad.


Friday lunch will be a salad and nuts again. If you have any leftover chicken, it would be great on your salad.

Dinner will be simple hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. We enjoy this meal as it is easy, cheap, and delicious. For added enjoyment, try these rolls and use them for hamburger buns. You won’t be disappointed! We will pair our burgers and dogs with asparagus and broccoli. We make both due to the fact that only 2 of 3 kids will eat asparagus!

There you have it, what my family is going to eat this week! I hope to have provided some inspiration for you as you plan for the week ahead. As I mentioned earlier, we like to keep things simple.

Let me know if follow any of the above and how it turned out for you and your family!