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Keto Health Coaching

Keto Health Coaching

Today I am introducing you to our new brand: Origins Health Coaching. It has been on my heart and mind for some time now to begin something that would allow me to serve others with nutrition. Recently my wife Jackie has felt the same pull, a desire to help others achieve optimal health. Out of these desires comes keto health coaching.

Keto has meant a lot to me. Gaining my health was much more important than the lost weight. I feel better now than ever before. I have energy, increased focus, and my physical fitness is at an all time high. The more and more I learn through reading and research, I believe this is the way our bodies were intended.

Why Origins?

Origins came out of our desire to coach others to getting back to their origins with regard to health and nutrition. We were never meant to load up on carbs and grains, sit all day, and eat 10 meals a day. The more I learn, I believe fasting should be much more natural than it is in our culture. Our goal with Origins Health Coaching is to get back to where we were intended to be.

Keto Health Coaching

What is Keto Health Coaching?

A health coach is someone who comes alongside you, and as the term implies, coaches you along the path to good health. We believe it is much more than coaching for weight loss. It is coaching for health with weight loss being one of the results once you achieve health. We fill the gap where current medical professionals miss the mark. Most of healthcare today is about treating symptoms. This is primarily done through prescription medications. We believe nutrition should be your medicine. This is where health coaching comes in.

What to Expect?

This site will continue to feature information-rich articles on nutrition and fitness. We also plan to continue posting regular recipes to help make keto enjoyable. We are currently working on some online courses for those interested in going a little deeper with keto, but don’t want the one-on-one interaction. For those who need the accountability and specific recommendations (macros, meal plans, etc.), we are ready to be your health coaches.

Take Action

Are you ready to achieve optimal health? What is the next step for you? First and foremost, subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss any of the valuable information and recipes we share. Second, if you need help and are at all interesting in coaching, contact me for a FREE consultation!