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Why I Eat Keto

Eat Keto

This past week I have been watching an incredible documentary series about the ketogenic diet titled The Real Skinny on Fat. Yesterday my wife and I had an incredible conversation about diet while walking our German Shepherd. These two influences in my life really got me thinking. My passion for keto goes well beyond a way of eating or weight loss program. I want to see as many people enjoy excellent health as possible. I want to see people get back to what I believe is the way we were meant to live. If you are miserable carrying excess weight, tired of being tired, depressed, or experiencing chronic pain then I want to help you. I can help you get back to optimal health! It is much more than just “eat keto!”

My Journey to Eat Keto

My journey into the keto world began with a desire to lose a few unwanted pounds. I don’t have a story of losing hundreds of pounds or overcoming some chronic disease. Yet, I was overweight and likely headed for diabetes in the very near future. I was addicted to sugar and dealt with much inflammation. I was in worse shape than I thought. In some respects I ate fairly healthy, at least by the typical American standards. My wife always made good, healthy dinners of meat and vegetables. Yet, I would typically eat fast food for lunch and snack on cookies and candy during the day. Dessert was a large bowl of ice cream or 3-4 cookies after dinner. I certainly wasn’t on my way too good health.
When I first learned about keto, I thought it sounded like something that could help me. I wasn’t sure how long I would eat keto, but it was worth a shot. I started immediately. I looked at a couple of websites and ordered The Keto Rest Diet book on Amazon. I went cold-turkey, of which I don’t recommend for most people. I started losing weight fairly soon. I cheated some during the holidays as I was working 16-18 hour days, had access to my wife’s Christmas cookies, and was buying breakfast biscuits for my employees nearly everyday. I kept with it though and in four months I had lost 35 pounds and was feeling great! I decided this was going to be a lifestyle.

Lifestyle Change

Keto became more than a weight loss diet. It became a lifestyle change for me. I had never felt better, was experiencing more energy, and inflammation was gone. I was happier and my mind was sharper, even with the lack of sleep I was still getting due to my job. I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of eating.
By this time my wife had begun a program that had her exercising intensely and eating very healthy, though still not quite keto. She had determined that she wasn’t going back to the sugar-heavy eating either. When her program was done, she decided she would try keto as well since she was almost there. Since that time her hormones are balanced and she has come completely off her seizure medication (more on that here). We have even started our kids on a modified keto diet.

Serving Is My Passion

I have endeavored to read as much as I can get my hands on regarding keto, sugar, wheat, and nutrition. My reading list on Amazon is growing. My passion is more than just educating myself, but I want to serve as many people as I am able. I want to help you get healthy. I want to do the research, trial and error, and product review so that you don’t have to. I want to equip you to make healthy decisions and gain back your health. As my wife and I discussed this weekend, we want to do this together. This is our passion. It goes well beyond weight loss or business, it is all about serving.
In full disclosure, my goal is to begin a business of health coaching. You may see affiliate links or ads on this blog. Those are simply a means to provide for my family so that I can continue to serve those desiring to achieve excellent health. Any affiliate on my site will be a company or product that I and my family have tried and believe strongly in. As an Amazon associate, I will also provide links for products that I use and order regularly from Amazon myself.

How Can I Serve You

I want to serve you any way that I can. Help me know how to better serve you by completing the survey below. It is only 4 questions and will only take a minute of your time but will greatly help me. If you want to discuss a personalized coaching program, contact me for a free consultation. I care about you and your health! If you know of others who need or are looking to optimize their health, share this with them. Keto is more than a diet, it is about getting back to optimal health! Interested in learning more? Read about how keto helped my wife stay off seizure medication here!

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