Are you stuck in an endless cycle of tiredness, brain fog, and stubborn weight that won’t go away? If you’re reading this page, then you must be searching for something different. Maybe you have tried different diets and fads or maybe you are just tired of feeling so terrible. Whatever your situation, I want to help you! I’ve been there and the Keto diet changed my life.

Johnathon VogelI’m Johnathon Vogel and I’m passionate about health and wellness. I changed my diet in 2017 hoping to shed a few pounds and ended up dramatically changing my health. I started eating keto and quickly realized this would be a lifestyle change. I lost 35 pounds in a matter of a few months, had more energy, and just felt better. Now my passion is helping others achieve the same level of great health. As a Christ follower, I am exceptionally burdened to see the Christian community achieve great health for the purpose of serving Christ more fully.

I enjoy reading and studying and my goal is to pass along all the information I learn back you, the reader, in smaller, easier to digest nuggets. I want to do the “heavy lifting” for you and make a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible. On this site you will find articles pertaining to all aspects of health and wellness, as well as some pertaining to general lifestyle.

A Little About Me

I have been married to Jackie for 15 years, and have three incredible children – Blake, Andrew, and McKenna. I can’t forget my other two children, a German Shepherd (Gibbs) and Daschund (Izzy). I live in Fuquay Varina, NC (just outside of Raleigh) and am an active member of a local church. I enjoy reading, golf, and any activities with my family.

Where to Begin

If you are new here, you want to start with a few of the more popular posts to get started:

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Now for You

You can live healthy and lose that stubborn weight. I want to help you in that endeavor, I want to see you as healthy as you can be. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, why not subscribe? I assure you, I won’t spam your inbox and you can unsubscribe at any time. Connect with me and let me know your results. Please, share any questions you may have or articles you would like to see. If you are asking, likely someone else is as well!

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