How Does Gratitude Play into Your Health?

Are you a thankful person? This is a great time to consider that question as we come off of the holiday in which we are supposed to celebrate our thankfulness….

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bone broth

Your Secret Weapon in Cooking

If you are at all experienced in the kitchen, you likely have that one ingredient that tends to be your secret weapon. Are you thinking of it? I want to…

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eating out on keto

Eating Out on Keto

One of the most difficult aspects of following the keto lifestyle is eating out. The majority of restaurants certainly don’t cater to low carb diets. So what do you do?…

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Productivity and Your Health

Life is difficult and overwhelming. There is so much weighing on our minds, bodies, and emotions. How do you deal with it all? How does this relate to your health…

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keto road-trip

Road-trips and Keto

Road-trips are hard, especially with kids. The constant questions, requests, and potty breaks can be overwhelming. Sticking to your keto lifestyle choice shouldn’t add to the stress. What if I…

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