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Keto: Healing the Gut and Supporting the Brain


Eating Keto is tremendous for your health. I am convinced that the foods we have been eating, and are encouraged to eat, are the primary factors leading to our poor health. We are told to eat healthy portions of whole grains, that sugar is good for us, and that we should limit fat. Yet obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and so much are increasing rapidly. I’m convinced it is the diet that is the problem. Heal your gut and brain health will follow!

Keto Success Stories

I regularly hear of others whose health has benefited tremendously after they started eating Keto. I, like so many others, noticed a incredible drop in inflammation to the point that planters fasciitis was gone. I’ve heard of numerous women whose periods came back or became more regular. A friend who lives in chronic pain with heavy doses of pain killers experienced an extreme loss in the pain levels and was able to lower her medicine doses. The stories could go on and on, but I want to share one incredible story that is close to my heart.

Seizures Gone

My wife suffers from epilepsy, or at least she did! Before I continue, let me offer a disclaimer. I am not advocating anyone with a chronic condition change diet and stop medication without consulting your physician. Please work in conjunction with your medical physician before making any major changes to your diet and medication.

My wife was diagnosed a few years ago with epilepsy and went through a difficult few years trying to get the seizures under control. She went through numerous medications seeking the one that would work the best. Finally, after seeing a specialist, she found one that works (a very expensive one at that). As long as she was faithful in taking her medication the seizures were under control, though she might have an aura every now an then.

Eventually she developed neuropathy, tingling in her fingers and toes. Her neurologist determined it was unrelated to the epilepsy and sent her to another neurologist to determine the issue. After some in depth lab tests it was determined that my wife has Celiac Disease, an intolerance to gluten. This was an incredible discovery to us, especially now looking back. As she removed the gluten from her diet, the neuropathy vanished!

Over the last three months my wife has been eating Keto. She has since ceased taking her seizure medications and has felt better than ever before. No auras or indications of a seizure! This is an amazing case study to us in how the foods that we eat, and have been eating for years, are affecting our bodies.

The Link Between the Gut and Brain

There is an incredible link between the gut and the brain. In fact, the gut has even been termed by scientists as the “second brain.” This second brain is called the enteric nervous system (ENS). While the ENS doesn’t make decisions or solve math problems, it does communicate with the brain. Poor gut health has been linked to depression and anxiety. Scientists have also linked the gut to disorders such as autism. Fixing your gut can have tremendous effects on your brain health. No wonder my wife has experienced such success with her seizures, she fixed her gut and the brain health naturally followed. You can fix your gut health as well, primarily by changing your diet.